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Tea from China

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We have been procuring single-source, handmade specialty teas in China since 1992. Through our longstanding supplier relationships, we have access to some of China's finest and most unusual teas, offering our retail and wholesale customers a complete line of full-leaf varieties in white, green, oolong, black and Pu-erh teas.

Each year, we travel extensively in the provinces, visiting small farms, out-of-the-way markets and specialty tea companies to find teas that offer our customers a distinctive taste experience. We buy many of our teas in early spring when the leaves are fresh, tender and their tastes most pronounced. As a result, our company is widely recognized for the variety and unparalleled quality of its teas.

Just the finest tea from China

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Golden Monkey (Jin Hou)

Golden Monkey (Jin Hou)
(Early Pick) 2 oz. - $18.00