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Jasmine Jewel

Jasmine Jewel
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Our Jasmine Jewel is a new tea and a real treat.  A high-grade Mei Zhan varietal has been processed to a black tea then infused with the wonderful scent of fresh jasmine flower petals.  When we tasted this tea it seemed  like a tea that would be enjoyed by others.  The varietal is strong and has a rich taste so it does well joining with jasmine.  It will invigorate as a good black tea should.  But it will also calm and soothe as the jasmine flower does so well.  Our lot is handmade, grown on a small farm in Fujian province.  The tea maker for many years made jasmine green teas so his skill in infusing the tea is considerable and the tea reflects this. 

Tea Notes

A wonderful black tea infused with jasmine flowers!

Hand made, small lot.

Fujianese black teas are elegant, tasty and feel good!