Aged White Peony Cake

Herbaceous, notes of sweet melon, light grassy flavor
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White tea cake
Bai Mu Dan - Bai cha dan gao
Main Flavor Profile:
Sweet, herbal

White teas made from cultivars in Fuding County have long been recognized as excellent choices for aging tea leaves and pressing into cakes. They taste great and age very well. This is a classic cake using leaves of the famous Da Hao cultivar. Cake is 340 grams and was pressed in 2018.

Lot Notes. This cake is stunning in appearance. It offers a beautiful press of large, wonderfully colored leaves. This cake steeps to a great cup of tea with good value for the amount of tea each cake will brew. The producing tea farm uses no pesticides or chemicals in production.  

Tea Facts. The cultivar is Da Hao which literally translates to Big Downy. Cake was pressed in 2018. Grown on a farm at an elevation of 600 meters in Zhenghe County, in Fujian Province. The cake is a mix of ight greens, browns and silver buds.

Tasting Notes. Large leaves will steep to a beautiful pale-golden color with plenty of mouth feel. Taste is herbaceous, melon-like and soft grassy-like flavors. A cake to enjoy both for its body and its rich, lingering finish.        

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3-4 grams of tea (a full tablespoon) in boiling water. Rinse the leaves and pour the water off. Re-infuse the leaves for 1.5-2 minutes and taste. Bai Mu Dan does not really get bitter just stronger, but if steeped too long the tea's flavor notes will tend to get muddled. If serving Gong Fu style, use plenty of leaf and steep briefly 45-60 seconds and taste. Leaves will yield multiple steeps.