Aged White Peony - Rare

Deep naturally sweet, herbaceous notes. Harvested 2001
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Suì bái mǔdān 岁白牡丹
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Loose Leaf

Harvested in the spring of 2001, this aged White Peony was grown in Zhenghe County. When Silk Road Teas purchased this lot, it was rated as highest-grade leaf (known as Zhending Big White - cultivar Zhenghe Da Bai). The bushes are members of the Da Hao or Big Sprout variety of Camellia sinensis. The cultivar grows to an unusually large leaf. The telling difference between this tea and contemporary White Peony offerings is the size of the leaves and the fact they have continued to oxidize, slowly building rich flavors of melon and herbs. As there is high degree of oxidization, the appearance of the leaves is rich, showing mixed shades of deep browns and greens. Yet, to the eye it is unmistakably Bai Mu Dan. We have aged this tea in our warehouse. Lot aged: 22+ years. Lot # ZDH.

Tea Facts. Lot was purchased in 2001. Cultivar is the Zhenghe Da Bai and cultivated as Zhending Big White. Cultivar was developed in the 1800s and is now indigenous to the area. The result is leaves that are quite large, show deep brown and muted green colors, and tellingly, unopened silver buds with a covering of fine, downy white hair. Tea has been stored in a warehouse with average temperatures of 63-68 F. 

Lot Notes. Originally when this lot was purchased, it was rated highest grade Bai Mu Dan. Large leaves, the traditional style leaf coloration – combined with a rich mix of greens and browns and plump unopened buds, indicate a first-grade lot and yield a complex flavor. It is uncommon to find lots of conventional aged Bai Mu Dan of this quality. Tea has been stored in sealed wooden chests. 

Tasting Notes. The taste of the tea has deepened over the years and the velvety sweetness of a high-grade white tea endures and grows richer. You will note a very full mouth feel yet it is clean and offers a naturally sweet, herbaceous lingering aftertaste. We note flavors of honey, chestnut and fresh peaches. The liquor color is now a deep golden-straw color. 

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3-4 grams of leaf to provide plenty of flavor for 6-8 ounces of water. A rinse with water just below boiling is recommended as it will awaken the leaves and begin the steep process. If serving GongFu style, steep it briefly, about .30 - 1.0 minute and enjoy. It can be steeped far longer for more taste with no bitterness. Leaves will steep multiple times.

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