Black Cloud

Flavors of smoke, loam, and chocolate combine to a lingering sweetness.

We are pleased to now release this lot for sale.  It has been stored in our warehouse for two seasons (harvest date 2016) as we aged the tea.  We believe this aging process has developed aromas and tastes well-worth experiencing.  It is a long-leaf, early-spring harvest black tea known in China as "fresh tea" denoting it is made to a local custom.  Not made to a standard and certainly varied in its taste season-to-season, this tea well exemplifies China's small farm tea culture.  Our lot was grown on a farm that practices organic, traditional farming methods.  The farm is located at an elevation of approximately 1000+ meters in the mountains outside of the coastal city, Fuzhou, in Fujian Province. 

Why we selected this particular lot.  This lot is handcrafted offering a high aroma with notes that are varied - sweet and malty to fruity. Hand crafted to preserve and develop the natural flavors of the varietal (Mei Zhan), a deft firing process has clarified the taste notes and deepened the body of the tea.  Tasting this lot, we think this one brings unusual flavors and aromas of the harvest to your cup.  Lot #5. 

Interesting facts about this tea.  Black Cloud is made from a slow-growing, high mountain varietal known in Pinyin as Mei Zhan.  As it is slower growing cultivar and requires a skillful hand in processing and, as a result, is no longer as widely offered in the tea markets and specialty factories as in years past. It remains a prized varietal, however, commanding high prices whether processed as a green or a black tea.  This tea was processed in April 2016.  We have aged this lot for two seasons.  The leaves are strong and will yield multiple steeps.

Taste Profile.  The leaf is distinct in its aroma – think semi-sweet chocolate.  The leaves are oxidized with a focus to creating flavors that linger in the mouth. A clear amber liquor offers flavors of smoke, loam, and chocolate that combine to leave a sweetness that lingers on the tongue long after the cup is finished. For a more rounded flavor, try a longer steep.

Brewing suggestions.  We suggest 3 grams per 7-8 ounces of water.  A tablespoon of leaf will brew up to 16 ounces of tea.  Use water at 195 F up to boiling; steep the leaves for 2 minutes and taste.  For more flavor, steep with added time. Drain the leaves between steeps and the leaves will yield multiple infusions.  

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  • 5

    Posted by Christine Fletcher on 30th Sep 2017

    Silk Road consistently offers the best teas around and this one is exceptional. Lovely earth flavor with no bitterness, this is one of my favorites.

  • 4
    AWESOME !!

    Posted by Gary Bennett on 7th Jul 2015

    I think this is the favorite of the ones I have tried. It needs no sweetener at all and is really really pleasant on the taste buds. I think this could almost be an after dinner / dessert tea. It will be added to my list of "Must Buy Again Tea".

  • 5
    One of my favorites!

    Posted by Daniel Costigan on 20th Nov 2014

    This is one of the best black teas I've tasted, with a very unique flavor. The aroma is very sweet, with a note of smokiness. A two minute brew leaves a very sweet and chocolatey liquor, with a lingering warmth that remains long after drinking. Great tea to start the day, or to enjoy with a cookie on the side. Re-steeps very well, retaining the same flavors for multiple infusions. Definitely worth trying. I am stocking-up on this tea.

  • 5
    A sophisticated start to the day!

    Posted by Nanci on 12th Aug 2014

    Just finished my first cup of black cloud tea. I feel like I am enjoying a fine wine when sipping my different teas from Silk Road. Fun, sophisticated, and so enjoyable. Even the black cloud silver packaging adds to the enjoyment. I display my varieties in a pretty bowl, knowing the pleasure inside each package awaiting me.