Black Fragrance - Lot No. 2

Notes of molasses and fruit with a lingering finish.

Black Fragrance is in the class of early spring teas called "fresh tea". These teas are made using local customs of harvesting and processing. Typically, they are early Spring pick teas, are made in small quantities and are not made for export. This lot was grown on a small farm about 60 kilometers from Fuzhou in Fujian Province. Lot #2-9.

Lot Notes
This is an exceptional black tea.Grown and processed on a small farm using the much-prized Mei Zhan varietal, one will find rich, deep black tea flavors that are nuanced and multi-layered. The leaves have been carefully handled and processed to a uniform size and shape. The wonderful aroma of this lot was also a key interest point. Upon tasting, we found this is a black that well reflects the artistry of a Fujianese local black tea.  This lot was harvested April 4th, 2019.

Tea Facts
Tea was grown on a farm that uses traditional organic farming methods. It is located at an elevation of 800+ meters. Once harvested, the tea is cleaned and withered, then fired using bamboo baskets over wood fires. Made using the local varietal of Mei Zhan. The uniformity of the leaves aids in creating a smooth, well-rounded cup taste. Tea is made for local market and not exported except through Silk Road Teas.  Lot is limited in quantity.

Tasting Notes
The tea maker has created a black tea with an unusually sweet fragrance and complex flavor that grows in the mouth. We find notes of molasses and fruit. One will note its lingering finish and how it makes you feel after consuming. This tea well-exemplifies the elegance and light processing touch of the farmer. The tea will provide a very satisfying cup most anytime and goes well with food.

Brewing Suggestions
Use one round teaspoon of leaf for 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature of 195-205 F. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. For more body, steep 3 minutes. The leaves will offer multiple steeps.

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Item Number:
Hēi xiāngwèi - pīliàng #2 黑香味 – 批量 #2
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