Blooming Tea Gift

Treat yourself or a friend to a sampling of three beautiful "blooming" teas elegantly packaged in clear top, re-usable tins set in our seasonal gift box.  Celebrating the cultural and gastronomic value of tea, handcrafted display or blooming teas are a wonderful addition to a meal or social gathering. A perfect gift for the holidays or as party favors.  Blooming teas slowly open upon steeping.  As their leaves gently unfurl, they reveal either lush green leaves shaped to a green peony flower or to slowly reveal red clover flowers or a Litchi Nut infused with the scent of jasmine flowers.  A blooming show is in the glass and the tea is delicious!      

Included in our gift set:

Green Peony: Rosette shaped, delicate leaves have been skillfully sewn with silken thread; once immersed in water, the leaves open to a rich and varied green color.  Handcrafted, this tea offers a visual delight that cups to a full–bodied vegetal and sweet lingering taste.

Add Flowers to the Brocade: Reminiscent in shape to a wide brimmed hat, slowly delicate green leaves open and dance and unfurl to release a string of 3 small red clover flowers.  Flowers to the Brocade is made with a high-grade green tea, the flavor is delicate and sweet and clean.  As you gather and enjoy your company, the flowers will slowly emerge!

Thousand Days Red Jasmine: A tea that always impresses and entertains!  A display or blooming tea made in the shape of a Litchi Nut formed by hand tying green tea leaves with silken thread.  Once formed, the Litchi Nut is then scented with fresh jasmine flowers.  With steeping, these beautifully shaped leaves fold back and "bloom" to present a brilliant red clover flower.  The "bloom" will entertain; the tea will refresh and encourage the celebration!

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