Brothers Oolong

Lively aroma, note of Osmanthus flower.

Literally translated as "Brothers", Xiong Di is a Dan Cong cultivar developed about 30 years ago by farmers' grafting of two Oolong trees located near WuDong Mountain.  The name "Brother" originates from the proximity of the trees prior to initial grafting and encouraged further by its subsequent local popularity.  Generally, the varietal belongs to the class of Dan Cong oolongs offering an Osmanthus fragrance.

Why we selected this lot.  This a Dan Cong varietal that naturally offers a lively aroma with a note of Osmanthus flower.  The taste is full and rich offering yet another flavor type within this famous class of oolong teas.  There is a naturalness to the favor that will delight.

Interesting facts about this tea.  The varietal was created by grafting two cultivars native to the WuDong Mountain area.  It belongs to the variety of Osmanthus fragrance Dan Cong similar to Zhe Lan Xiang or White Leaf Oolong.  The trees grow at an elevation of about 1200 meters.  Tea was harvested in April 2018.

Steeping suggestions.  We recommend using 4 grams or a rounded tablespoon of leaves for 8-12 ounces of water at boiling temperature and/or just below boiling.  Rinse the leaves briefly and pour off.  Then steep for 1.5 to 2 minutes and taste.  The flavor should be evident but clean and light.  First steep yields aroma, second and third bring forth flavor.  Multiple steeps are in order.  

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