Dragon Well "Jiukeng" (Lung Ching)

A comparatively rare, elegant, smaller-leaf Dragon Well varietal.

A comparatively rare, elegant and noticeably smaller-leaf Dragon Well varietal grown in the vicinity of Hangzhou, in Zhejiang Province.  The varietal's leaf appearance is definitive - offering a very fresh, green appearance with ample golden coloration and distinctly smaller, shorter and more uniform than better known Dragon Wells.  The tea is processed in a specialty factory that is focused to Dragon Well production.  This varietal is not widely consumed outside China.  A variation on Dragon Wells, it seems the smaller leaf concentrates some of the finer taste and aroma characteristics of the famous Lung Chings.  The leaves are quite elegant.  We have purchased this tea for a number of years from this supplier. Harvested in the second week of April 2018.   Lot # Y-8.

Why we selected this particular lot.   One will note in the appearance of the leaves there is a consistency in shape and coloration.  Importantly, the leaves are bright and jade-like; with some beautiful golden tinting.  Note the leaves aroma - fresh and inviting.  Finally, it tastes wonderful - offering very pleasing flavors and a healthy cup of tea.

Tasting notes. Upon tasting the offered lot, it was clear the tea has a sweet and refreshingly nutty cup.   We find soft yet fresh vegetal notes and some flavors of chestnut.  The leaves will cup to light-yellow and clean liquor, with just hints of nuttiness and a sweet, lingering aftertaste.

Brewing suggestions.   A level tablespoon is our recommendation for 8-12 ounces of water.  Water temperature is perhaps best slightly lower at 175-185 degrees F to preserve the teas initial softer notes.  Steep for two minutes and taste

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