Dragon Well - Longjing - Grade AA

Penetrating aroma, fresh & nutty sweet!
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Item Number:
Long Jing
Medium - high
Main flavor:
Vegetal sweet

Our new Dragon Well lot is a cultivar local to the Shengzhou area in Zhejiang Province. Cultivar is known for its distinctive penetrating aroma and a soft, vegetal, nutty sweetness. It is an "early-season" Grade AA Long Jing made of one bud, one leaf. Our Spring 2023 lot is fresh and lively and limited in quantity!

Lot notes.We inquired of our local Dragon Well sources to find us a high-grade, exceptional, early harvest lot to celebrate this year's season. A signature spring tea, we look for a Dragon Well that brings unusual aromas and flavors to the cup. Our source is a small factory specializing in Dragon Well production. Their teas are made from a local cultivar offering qualities we find distinctive.

Tea facts. Cultivar is local to the Shengzhou area. (Note: it is not a Lung Ching 43 cultivar.) Over the years, this cultivar has developed qualities that manifest early in the season. Pluck is bud and leaf. Appearance is small leaf. Harvest date was April 7, 2023.

Tasting notes. The first note is a wonderfully fresh, soft vegetal flavor. On the palate, tea is rich, with a light toastiness. Flavors are lively reflecting the local "village" style of tea making. The aftertaste is lingering, fulfilling with a suggestion of puckering. Aroma is penetrating with a soft nutty character.

Brewing suggestions. Use 2.5 - 3 grams for 6-8 ounces of water. 4-5 grams in 12 ounces. Use spring water and certainly filtered water. We recommend a brief steep of 1.5 - 2 minutes to enjoy the subtle qualities of the leaf. The optimum water temperature is between 175 to 195°. The leaves will yield three steeps.

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