Drum Mountain White Cloud

Taste of honey, smooth, round mouth feel.

Grown at the higher elevations of the Guo Shan Mountains along the coast of Fujian Province, this tea was made popular by Buddhist monks who cultivated fields surrounding their monastery. In time, the tea became a source of revenue to support the monastery as well as providing stimulation for the monks during sessions of meditation. A white tea varietal minimally processed and using the full leaf, this tea is one of China's most natural teas. Note the slight yellow leaf coloration. This results from the leaves absorbing moisture in the days leading to harvest. Harvest date: April 2019.

Lot Notes
We purchased this year's lot in the first week of April. By then, the weather had warmed coming out of a long rainy season and, with tasting, we found the tea was "sweet" with a fresh flavor. The leaves are a bright color and its aroma crisp. Note the lack of broken leaf and its consistent coloration. We found this lot offered round & full flavorful notes and a sweet, smooth finish.

Tasting Notes
With minimal processing, the result is a mix of light-to-dark green leaves that are delicate, quite fragrant, offering a liquor suggestive of honey with a smooth, round mouth feel. White tea offers a lingering sweet aftertaste. This tea is refreshing and light and it goes well with baked goods and foods in general. 

Brewing Suggestions
A rounded tablespoon or 3-4 grams per 8-12 ounces of water will yield a full-bodied cup. Use water in temperature range of 185-205 F and steep for 2 to 2.5 minutes. If you drain the water from the leaves, you will get additional steeps.

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Gǔshān báiyún 鼓山白云
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    Posted by Sam on 16th Jul 2020

    Bland. Maybe I got an older batch but was not smooth and took a lot of leaves to get any flavor. Made using correct water temp and steeping. I love white tea and not my first one.