Fried Fragrance No. 1

Strong leaf flavors, clean, hint of vanilla & spring flowers.

In the tradition of crafting early-spring, high-grade leaves in small lots for the local market, Fried Fragrance is a good result. The farm's cultivar, Mei Zhan, was harvested in early April, withered, shaped then pan-fired at a comparatively high temperature for a green variety. The shapely & curled leaf shows colors of deep green peppered with white buds. Its dry leaf aromas remind us of a San Bei Xiang style of processing, high fired and carefully shaped in a pan. Grown small farm, small lot. Its distinctive and vibrant taste qualities make this tea an excellent choice for a strong, flavorful green with everyday enjoyment.

Lot Notes. Tea is "fresh" - made in local style. Lot was harvested in April 2020. This is the first lot of this green we have purchased from this farm. Taste is complex, liquor is clear. 

Tea Facts. Cultivar is Mei Zhan. The originating varietal is from the WuYi Mountains. Tea classes as a "fresh tea" as it is made to local custom for taste and aroma. 

Tasting Notes. Dry leaf aroma is vegetal and pronounced due to fire temperature, Note of asparagus and fresh spring green vegetable, think asparagus and green vegetables. Flavor is strong and sweet, with a soft pungency. Steeps to a clear yellow liquor. Hint of vanilla and spring flowers. Some melon flavor at the back end.

Brewing Suggestions. Cultivar is strong, rich, use 3 grams (teaspoon) for 7-8 ounces of water at 195 f. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. Tea's early sping notes should be in evidence. It will yield multiple steeps. 

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