Full Moon Harvest Cake

Celebrates the Full Moon Festival, herbaceous, fruity and naturally sweet, 357 grams.

Herbaceous, fruity and naturally sweet all come to mind in tasting this Fall harvest white tea cake made using a high-grade Fuding area Dai Bai Da Hao varietal.   

Lot Notes
Appearance wise, it is a stunning cake. Large White Peony varietal leaves have been pressed into a cake in celebration of the Full Moon Festival. The farm specializes in white teas and is located near Guan Yan township in the Fuding area of Fujian Province.  The cake was made using the leaves of Dai Bai Da Hao varietal, is pronounced in its flavors as the leaves and buds were harvested, processed and pressed in the closing of the tea season.vCake is 375 grams. 

Tea Facts
The tea was grown on a farm that practices organic farming methods. Tea maker produces highest grades of Silver Needle Yinzhen and Bai Mu Dan. The leaves of this cake are the final pluck of the farm's production cycle. It is widely held that the leaves plucked at the time of the Full Moon Festival offer strong and rich flavors. This style of cake is very popular in China. It is served typically in social situations and is brewed using the Gongfu style using plenty of leaf, short steeps resulting in much animated conversation.

Tasting Notes
The farm's blend of leaves, large and deep in coloration along with the careful aging of the cake has resulted in a distinct, nuanced taste that is both delicate and pleasing.  Herbaceous, fruity and naturally sweet all come to mind. One will note the full mouth feel in cupping the tea as well as its lingering finish.  

Brewing Suggestions
Use approximately 3-5 grams per 8 ounces of water. This tea does best served Gongfu style using plenty of leaf and short steep times. Use water right at boiling temperature.  Steep for 1-2 minutes or up to 3 minutes depending on your leaf quantity.   

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Wàngyuè shòuchéng dàngāo 望月收成蛋糕
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    New with Pu-erh

    Posted by Kirk Bosi on 31st Dec 2016

    This is only the second Pu-erh tea I have tried so I am no expert but this one I like a lot.. A little pricey, but very tasty . I am glad I bought.