Gardenia Fragrance - Huang Zhi Xiang

Bold mouthfeel, fruity, nectar notes.

Gardenia Fragrance "Huang Zhi Xiang" is a handcrafted, single-origin lot grown in the Fenghuangshan Mountains of Guangdong Province. 

The long, thin leaves are withered, then shaped by hand, beginning an 8 step process to create its unique appearance and taste. The leaves are abraded multiple times on wicker trays breaking down the leaf's cell structure, slowly releasing precious juices and aromas. Over the course of hours, slowly oxidizing leaves are then given an initial firing, then rested and, in turn, again hand worked. Each step and resting period developing and shaping treasured flavors. When the teamaker recognizes the aromas as characteristic of the tea, the leaves are fired in wood charcoal ovens sealing the leaves with their renowned flavors. The depth of this tea will allow for multiple steeps, each with a new flavor note.

Lot Notes. Lot was made in May 2020. With the first taste, we noted its crisp, enlivening fruit flavor & mouth feel. Lot embodies the commanding flavors of this cultivar.   

Tea Facts. This tea was grown in the Fenhuangshan Mountains, more widely known as the Phoenix Mountains. The highest grades have traditionally been produced primarily on WuDong Mountain in the Chao An area, of Guangdong Province. The varietal is a descendant of the Shui Xian oolong, with origin in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian Province. The "Gardenia Fragrance" cultivar is not exported in large volume given its very limited supply and strong domestic demand.

Tasting notes. The taste is silky, sweet and characterized by a fruity aroma and subtle a fragrance of flowers. Taste is silky and naturally sweet think of nectar, honeysuckle, with an ever-present hint of tanginess. Equally impressive is the boldness of its taste. Long after the cup has been drunk, sweetness and flavor will remain on the palate.

Brewing suggestions.  The leaves are strong in flavor. 3-4 grams should be plenty of leaf for 8 ounces of water. Use boiling water to rinse the leaves briefly, pour off and re-infuse for 1.5 minutes and taste. We recommend that your steeps be kept on the short side given the strength of the leaves.  This tea will yield multiple steeps - right up to 7 or more. 

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