Gardenia Fragrance Oolong

"Gardenia Fragrance" is a handcrafted, single-origin lot made by a true artisan of the Oolong leaf. This lot was made in 2001 making this tea an "aged" Oolong. One will note its large leaves and its distinctive yellow coloration. This is a prized tea in domestic China given its quality and age. Rare Lot # PR-4

Tea Facts
This Fenghuang Dan Cong style Oolong was grown on WuDong Mountain, in the Chao An area, of Guangdong Province. A mountainous region collectively known as the Phoenix Mountains, the teas from the area are renowned and prized. Small farms are carved into the steep mountainous terrain using stone walls and winding terraces where tea bushes, often planted hundreds of years ago, now stand as deep-rooted trees. The growing environment is ideal - mineral-rich soils, subterranean springs, plentiful rain and cooling mists match with warm days and cool nights to develop varietals unparalleled in their complexity and depth.
"Gardenia Fragrance" is not typically exported given its very limited supply, strong domestic demand and high price. Using essentially an 8-step process the leaves are abraded multiple times on wicker trays breaking down their cell structure and releasing precious juices and rare aromas. These slowly oxidized leaves are then fired, rested, then hand worked again. Each step bringing forth and shaping treasured flavors. The leaves fired in wood charcoal ovens at a temperature between 250-300 degrees C.

Lot Notes
The tea maker annually presents great tasting teas. This lot proved no exception upon tasting it with him. One will note the very large leaves, their consistent shape and coloration. The flavors are balanced, with little or no astringency.

Tasting Notes
Flavors are complex with floral tendencies. Some hint of sugarcane, astringency is low. The finish is long and lasting. Long after the cup is emptied, sweetness and flavors remain on the palate.

Brewing Suggestions
Use boiling water. Do not boil the water too long however. Using 3 grams for 8 ounces, rinse the leaves briefly and pour off. Re-infuse the leaves and steep for 1.5 minutes and taste. This tea is strong and is best with a lighter steep as its flavors are then more open. The leaves will steep multiple times!

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Item Number:
Dan Cong
Zhī xiāngwèi wū lóng 栀香味乌龙
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