Golden Eyebrow (Jin Jun Mei)

Deep, rich, complex black tea known as a warming, invigorating beverage.

In traditional tea circles, Golden Eyebrow is held as a very prestigious tea, a tea to be served proudly and to enhance friendship. Made from two small shoots plucked early in the spring harvest, the tender shoots are carefully shaped (long and thin leaves shaped like an eyebrow) and fully oxidized, bringing the tea to sweet, fruity and flowery flavors. Perhaps it these long lasting & sweet after-tastes that further contribute to its attribute of enhancing friendship.

Why we selected this lot. The lot was harvested and processed before the Qing Ming holiday ensuring the lot is made with buds, a key criterion in ensuring the quality of this tea. The producing farm is located at approximately 1800 meters, high in the WuYi Mountains. While fully oxidized, this lot offers a pale, translucent gold cup color. You will note these leaves offer a very high fragrance.

Interesting facts about this tea. Traditionally, it is made using two small shoots. The highest grades are plucked prior to April 5th, the Qing Ming holiday. Buds are fully oxidized. Grown at an elevation of approximately 1800 meters in the Wuyi Mountains, of Fujian Province. Golden Eyebrow has long been held to beautify one's face, strengthen the immune system while calming the nerves.

Tasting notes. Golden Eyebrow offers a very fragrant aroma. Aroma is strong honey. First steep will yield sweet, fruity and flowery flavors. Note, the taste is mellow and sweet, then offering hints of honeysuckle. It is a complex and faceted tea. As the leaves open, it offers multiple infusions. Steeping suggestions. Given this tea's complexity, we advise keeping the water temperature lower using water at 185 - 195 F. Use 3 grams of leaf or a round teaspoon for 8-12 ounces of water. Steep for two minutes and taste. The first steep will awaken the leaves releasing first notes of silky mouth feel and fruity flavors. The second infusion opens more fruit flavors and some notes of caramel. This is truly a tea that will steep multiple times and release a spectrum of flavors to enjoy.

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