Golden Pearls

Lush, naturally sweet flavors

An early-spring pick green tea varietal is hand-rolled into pearls and slowly ripened (oxidized) into a black tea. The result is a lush and sweet liquor with a complexity in flavor that reflects the strength of the varietal.  This lot is Pre-Qing Ming pick.  Lot # 9.

Lot Notes. Tea was produced April 1, 2019. Hand rolled into a pearl. Pearl is made with leaf and bud. Note the leaf and bud are small exemplifying the early timing of the pluck. Varietal is a Mao Feng.

Tea Facts. This varietal or cultivar, Mao Feng, is widely grown through out China. It is processed primarily as a green tea but also offers delicious aromas and flavors, lush and naturally sweet when made to a black. The tea can take milk and sugar. This lot is Pre-Qing Ming pick. 

Tasting Notes. The pearls open to naturally sweet flavors. The finish taste is full-bodied and clean; a coppery quality comes to mind. There is a brief spicy note as well.

Brewing Suggestions.  A round teaspoon of pearl for a 12 ounces tea pot or 3 grams for 8 ounces of water. Temperature of water is best at 195 F. Steep for 2 minutes as the teas full range of flavors are apparent.  Multiple steeps are there to enjoy. This tea can take milk and sugar.


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    Golden Pearls

    Posted by John on 26th Dec 2019

    I wish I had ordered a lb. of this but went with the qrt instead.