Green Fragrance - Lu Se Xiang

Bright, fresh, enlivening
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Lu Se Xiang Wei
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

FuAn area farms are widely recognized for the quality of their cultivars, particularly the famous Da Bai. A mountainous area along the coast of the China Sea, FuAn offers a terroir ideal for developing nuanced, rich tasting teas. In the last few years, we traveled to FuAn to seek out new local varieties of greens and blacks that are cultivars of the famous white variety. These teas are made early in the spring and crafted to the farm's taste preference. Green Fragrance is a great representation of this annual harvest.

Lot Notes. Leaf is small. compact and a rich green color. Made to local custom, its shape is reminiscent of the San Bei Xiang style but made at lower firing temperature. Aroma and taste capture the notes of early spring greens.  This is not a tea that is exported from China as it is consumed in the local markets. Harvest date is April 2021.

Tea Facts. Tea is made from a local cultivar. Leaf is small & compact. Tea farm is at an elevation of 700 meters. Note, teas grown at higher elevations and plucked early in the spring tend to offer higher levels of polyphenols with more pronounced flavors and aromas.  

Tasting Notes. We find the taste is bright, enlivening. Catechins and theaflavins content show in its strong flavor and puckering in the mouth. Clean, fresh vegetal flavor, spinach note and lightly sweet. Offers a pleasant, lingering finish.

Brewing Suggestions.  A round teaspoon of leaf for 7-8 ounces of water. Water temperature is best at 185-195 F. Steep 1.5-2 minutes to taste the range of the tea's flavors. Multiple steeps if one keeps the leaves from overstepping.