Green Monkey

Flavors progress - from asparagus to citrus in the finish.

The varietal, Mei Zhan, that makes Green Monkey is a slow growing, prized bush that grows at the higher elevations of Fujian Province. Locally known as "Monkey" tea, this green "fresh tea" is grown wild (no rows, no cultivation) and then made to local custom with little processing of the leaf.

Lot Notes: This tea is made by a man who we have done business with for many years. His farm is organic (without the certificate as he does not make tea for export or sale outside China). He presented 3 lots of "local green" style teas and this one we found had the brightest taste. It cups clean and has sharp, enjoyable flavors. Note the rich green coloration of the leaves.  Harvested in April 2018.

Tea Facts: The tea is grown at an elevation of 800 meters. The varietal was once more widely found in the Fuzhou area, now it is quire rare as it is a slow growing leaf and it is a difficult tea to make. It's rich flavors are easily lost in the firing process of the leaves. The farm is traditional and organic in practice. The leaf is processed only to the point where the natural aromas and tastes are preserved and readied for consumption.

Tasting Notes: The natural strength of the varietal comes through as a result in its taste. It is strong! The leaf is loosely rolled and shows a rich-green coloration. It is wok-fired in the San Bei Xiang style of Fujian Province which gives the leaves variations in color and toasty aromas. The flavors will progress from asparagus to citrus in the finish.

Brewing suggestions: It is a strong tasting leaf. A teaspoon - level - should be enough leaf for 8-12 ounces of water. Use water temperature of 185-195 f and steep for 1.5 to 2 minutes and taste. The shorter steep time will expose the palate to the range of this teas abundant flavors. Of course, stronger flavors will come through with longer steep times. Leaves will steep multiple times.

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  • 4
    Full and vegetal

    Posted by Taylor on 3rd Mar 2016

    As the headline states this leaf yields a very full bodied vegetal flavor (I think i even agree with the asparagus notes in the description) without being bitter, culminating in a very enjoyable cup of tea.

  • 5
    smooth tea

    Posted by Derek on 31st Jan 2016

    I enjoyed this tea. It is a smooth tea with a pleasant aftertaste at the back of the mouth.

  • 5
    Doesn't get greener than this

    Posted by Justin on 24th Nov 2014

    Green Monkey is one of my favorites. It is dense and green when brewed properly. I am a Fo Cha fan for every day drinking, but when I want something that looks as good loosened by hot water in the gaiwan as the liquor does in a cup, this is where I go. The leaves unfurl and reveal dark green colors with occasional red edges. It is rich rich rich: so deeply flavorful it suits itself to being enjoyed slowly and quietly on a Saturday morning when you need give your attention to nothing but the cup before you. Do yourself a favor and drink this from a white cup--maybe a slight blue hue is ok--the color is so spectacular, it's a shame to skew it in a dark or warm-colored cup.
    Take a moment and watch the steam rise from the cup. Appreciate the lively greenness--just like spring! Then take one sip, let it roll around in your mouth a little before it goes down. Let the taste linger a moment, then take another sip, this time giving it a little swish. Now you can taste the grassiness, barely astringent, it is well complimented by the thick mouthfeel and lingering sweetness. This tea is pure art, a cut above the rest.

    I enjoy brewing this tea at 175-180ºF. 1.5g leaf in a 3.5oz Gaiwan for just under 2.5 minutes. Always start with clean water and avoid plastics as that faint plasticness will skew the delicate subtleties of all good teas.