Green Peony - Lu Mu Dan

Opens to a green peony flower, robust flavors
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Lǜ mǔdan 绿牡丹

This unique and beautiful tea is handmade by artisans who select the finest large buds and tie them with silk thread to form its lovely green peony flower shape. Tea is often used in seasonal celebrations. 

Lot Notes. A rich-tasting green made into a rosette. Lot offers a strong Anhui-style green flavor. Made with large buds. Lot was produced in 2021.

Tea Facts. Tea uses a cultivar considered to have a "pliable" leaf. Once withered, the leaves are handsewn into rosette shape. Steeped, the leaves open to a green peony flower. 

Tastng Notes. Cups to a full–bodied vegetal-sweet taste; hints of artichoke, with a sweet lingering flavor.

Brewing Suggestions. One rosette for 8-12 ounces of water. Brew in water temperature of 195 degrees in a sturdy wine glass or glass teapot. In 3-4 minutes, this elegant rosette is ready to enjoy. Multiple infusions!