Guangdong Province

  • Brothers Oolong

    Brothers Oolong

    Literally translated as "Brothers", Xiong Di is a Dan Cong cultivar developed 30 years ago by grafting two prized oolong trees. The name "Brother" originates from the proximity of the trees prior to initial grafting and encouraged by its local...
    Lively, notes of sweet Osmanthus
  • Gardenia Fragrance - Huang Zhi Xiang

    Gardenia Fragrance - Huang Zhi Xiang

    Gardenia Fragrance "Huang Zhi Xiang" is a handcrafted, single-origin lot grown in the Fenghuangshan Mountains of Guangdong Province. The long, thin leaves are withered, then shaped by hand, beginning an 8 step process to create its unique appearance...
    Bold mouthfeel, fruity, nectar notes.
  • Golden Dawn - Huang Dan

    Golden Dawn - Huang Dan

    Golden Dawn is in a class of high-mountain Oolongs considered to have been tribute teas during the Song Dynasty. This lot was harvested from aged Oolong trees estimated to be well over 60 years old. The roots of these trees now reach deep into the rich...
  • Lychee Congou

    Lychee Congou

    A black leaf tea flavored with Lychee fruit. Lychee fruit is perhaps the most famous of fruits grown in South China. Lot Notes. The black tea is from Guangdong Province. The black leaves are rich, flavoring is well-balanced, creating a full-bodied...
    Sweet, fragrant & delicious served iced or hot!

  • Magnolia Blossom Fragrance - Yu Lan Xiang

    Magnolia Blossom Fragrance - Yu Lan Xiang

    Once picked, the leaves are sorted, then withered in sunlight or a warm room for several hours with occasional gentle rolling. This hand-rolling of the leaves induces the formation of flavor and aroma in perhaps our sweetest tasting Oolong. A Dan Cong...
    Find flavors of roasted almond, honeysuckle and stone fruit.

  • One Bush - Rare Oolong Collection

    One Bush - Rare Oolong Collection

    Our One Bush, a Fenghuang Dan Cong or Tan Chung style oolong, is made from a single tree of the famous "Chao An" cultivar. A cultivar local to the Fenghuang area of Guangdong Province, this lot was harvested in 2002. The Chao An...
    Aged oolong, sweet, complex fruit and nectar flavors.

  • Orchid Fragrance - Zhe Lan Xiang

    Orchid Fragrance - Zhe Lan Xiang

    Made using traditional farming and processing methods for a Dan Cong class oolong, Orchid Fragrance offrs a sweet and tangy aroma unlike any of our other collection of Phoenix Bird oolongs.  It is grown at an elevation of approximately 1000 meters...
    Wood charcoal fired, offers a sweet and tangy taste

  • Orchid Fragrance - Zhe Lan Xiang - Rare Oolong Collection

    Orchid Fragrance - Zhe Lan Xiang - Rare Oolong Collection

    We have worked with Mr. Lin Ze, for a number of years. Every spring, we receive an inquiry as to our interest in his oolong. Quickly affirming, we either visit the farm or, this year, receive selected samples. Working with older farmers in his village,...
    Orchid-like aromatics, honeysuckle to flowery, almondy notes.

  • Peach Fragrance - Tao Ren Xiang - Rare Oolong Collection

    Peach Fragrance - Tao Ren Xiang - Rare Oolong Collection

    Peach Fragrance –Tao Ren Xiang – is made from a single-farm tree grove. The cultivar's signature aromatics are preserved by its single-origin havest. Our teamaker. Mr. Lin Ze, has crafted to time-held traditions capturing Peach...
    Pungent, complex, rich - peaches & almonds

  • Plum Blossom Fragrance  - Mi Lan Xiang

    Plum Blossom Fragrance - Mi Lan Xiang

    Large trees that look very much like stone fruit trees line the mountainside. Six to 10-foot stone walls form terraces creating flat surfaces across the steep slope. Soils are a rich red color and clay-like. The morning fog is just beginning to lift and...
    Aroma of plums, intoxicating flavors of fruit

  • Rare Phoenix Bird oolongs

    Rare Phoenix Bird oolongs

    Sample delicious, rare, artisan-crafted Dan Cong style oolongs. Long favored as "tribute teas" by emperors, these 3 teas were grown on small farms in Chou Zhou County, the Yellow Mountains, Guangdong Province, and harvested in...
    Flavors of flowers, citrus, toasted almonds & honeysuckle

  • Song - "Song Zhong" - Phoenix Bird Collection

    Song - "Song Zhong" - Phoenix Bird Collection

    Song Zhong is a varietal first recognized and celebrated as a "Tribute Tea" in the Song Dynasty. One of four surviving Dan Cong varietals from the period, it is nectar-rich in flavor. The trees on the producing farm, located in Choan...
    Song Dynasty Tribute Tea, nectar-rich in flavor.
  • World of China's oolongs

    World of China's oolongs

    Exotic large leaves, highly aromatic, flavorful & delicious - 3 varieties of oolongs!  Our sampler collection offers essentially the range of Chinese oolong styles.  From low-oxidized and floral to traditional medium oxidized and "spicey"...
    Highly aromatic, flavorful & delicious

  • Zhongshan Baiye "White Leaf" Oolong

    Zhongshan Baiye "White Leaf" Oolong

    A famous Dan Cong variety Oolong that has been cultivated and enjoyed for 100-200 years. Originating in the WuYi mountains of Fujian Province, this highly aromatic Oolong steeps to a golden-yellow infusion with a complex, delicate, toasty-fruity flavor...
    Delicate, almond-sweet & fruity flavor.