High Mountain Green - Gao Shan Lu

"Fresh tea" - highly aromatic, flavorful & satisfying.

"Fresh tea" - highly aromatic, flavorful, complex & satisfying - serve to describe this green tea.  Handmade on a small farm using traditional organic farming methods (uncertified), this tea exemplifies the wonderful flavors, aromas and diversity of the world of Chinese teas.  The cultivar, MeiZhan, is prized with its origins in the Wu Yi Mountains now many years ago.    

Lot Notes
Grown in the mountains near Fuzhou, in Fujian Province, the Mei Zhan varietal was harvested April 8th, reflecting the elevation of the farm and the slow-growth tendencies of the varietal.  Once harvested it was pan-fired using a traditional San Bei Xiang style to preserve aromas and nuanced sweet flavors. Using local or village customs, a "fresh tea" like this has been minimally processed, preserving much of the natural qualities of the leaf.  Given it dense leaf structure, the lot should be high in minerals, amino acids and polyphenols. A tea such as this is rarely seen in the marketplace and certainly is not made to a style or in quantities for export. Fresh teas tend to be consumed early in the year as they celebrate the harvest and new tastes of the season.  

Tasting Notes
Crafting this very strong , slow-growing varietal to sweet notes yet maintaining an ever present hint of astringency has created a wonderful tension between its sweet and strong vegetal sides. Cups to a very smooth, lush palate feel with notes of fresh, sweet asparagus.  Liquor enlivens the tongue, with a rich, sweet aftertaste.  Leaf colors range deep-to-light green. Leaves will steep to a yellow-gold liquor.

Brewing Suggestions
This is a strong green tea.  We recommend a level teaspoon or 3 grams for 8 ounces of water at a temperature of 195 degrees F.  Steep for 2 minutes and taste.  This tea will steep multiple times.

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