Honey Orchid

Thick leaves open to lush, naturally sweet flavors.
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Fēngmì lánhuā 蜂蜜兰花
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Loose leaf

One of our most popular black tea offerings, this early-pick, large-leaf Mao Feng cultivar slowly turns from its green harvest colors to rich shades of gold and black. Then, at the right moment, the leaves are skillfully fired, creating a lush, naturally sweet black. Grown in Fujian Province, this lot was harvested at the time of the Qing Ming holiday in April 2022. Lot #2.

Lot Notes. Lot was grown in Fuding County. While known primarily for its Dai Bai or white tea cultivars, we have found excellent black teas from this region as well. The variations of tempertature at the farm's comparatively high elevation, contributes to the development of the leaves' body and flavors. The appearance of the leaves is enticing as they are thick and large and offer a great mix of gold buds and black leaf. Aroma is soft and rich. The taste is lush and naturally full of flavor.

Tea Facts. The tea maker elected to take this lot to black tea as local domestic market is strong for black tea offerings. It was grown at an elevation of 600 meters. The lot was processed early in April. The cultivar is a Mao Feng.

Tasting Notes. Taste is lush and full-bodied. Flavors are bright, coppery & clean. Naturally sweet, we find a hint of molasses and some fruity flavors. 

Brewing Suggestions. A rounded teaspoon of leaf for 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature of 195-205 degrees F. Steep the leaves for two minutes and taste. This may be enough flavor; or, if you'd like more taste, steep to 3 minutes. It will not over steep. Leaves will yield multiple steeps.

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