Iced Citron Green

Our Iced Citron Green is a potpourri of teas and herbs.  Two fresh green teas join with Rooibos, a hint of Jasmine, a touch of orange, Linden and Lavender and blend to a naturally sweet and soothing taste that is clean, invigorating and excellent with food.  Each package contains 5 sachets.  A sachet yields approximately one gallon of tea.

Brewing tips: Steep 1 sachet in 1/2 gallon of boiling water for 5 minutes then add 1/2 gallon of cold water and chill.

This blend comes 5 sachets per order ($24.75/order equals $4.95/sachet). Each sachet yields approximately one gallon of iced tea each.

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Bīng xiāng yuán lǜ 冰香橼绿
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