Intro to the world of China's oolongs

Exotic large leaves, highly aromatic, flavorful & delicious - 3 varieties of oolongs!  Our sampler collection offers essentially the range of Chinese oolong styles.  From low-oxidized and floral to traditional medium oxidized and "nutty" onto high-fired and toasty.  All delicious, a great introduction to oolongs.


  • Iron Goddess Tieguanyin - Traditional China style, leaves are rolled, medium oxidized, creates a full-bodied, softly sweet & spicy taste. (2 oz.)
  • Source Mountain "Ben Shan" - Rolled, low-oxidized, local cultivar, naturally floral and lush taste, delivers a wonderfully aromatic & lingering note. (2 oz.)
  • One Bush - a Phoenix Bird Dan Cong style olong) - a high-mountain oolong, handmade, wood-charcoal fired, elegant brown-red leaf, taste is toasty and fruity, wonderful. (2 oz.)
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Tieguanyin & Dan Cong Styles
Fujian & Guangdong
Wū lóng yàngpǐn 乌龙样品
Intro to the wonderful world of Chinese oolongs
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    Great Intro To Oolongs

    Posted by Sy on 16th Apr 2015

    This is a great sampler. The Source Mountain is a great light sweet/floral cup with a soft feel. The Iron Goddess is a staple now. A very aromatic sweet cup when brewed right. And of course the One Bush is as tasty as I suspected! A nice floral/slight earthy/ever so light smokiness carried by a wonderful fruity overtone. Get the brew time/temp right and this sampler is a great way to introduce yourself to the awesome world of Oolong tea!