Iron Goddess Tieguanyin

Yellow-gold liquor, touch of spice, fruit in the finish
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Tiě shénnǚ tiě guānyīn 铁神女(铁观音)
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Loose leaf

Often referred to as the tea of poets, "Iron Goddess" is our traditional-style Tieguanyin oolong. The name Tie Guan Yin is often translated as "Goddess of Mercy", yet the name is now generally accepted to describe an oolong cultivar offering an intense aroma, some fruitiness and a depth of flavor.

Lot Notes. It is medium oxidized, with leaf colors primarily of brown tones with a light mix of green-side leaf. This is the style we find offers a well-rounded cup, plenty of flavor with a smooth lingering finish. Note the leaves are quite large and rolled in the traditional style. Harvest date: 2021.

Tea Facts. It is grown in the AnXi region of Fujian Province, an area famous for the quality of its oolongs. Tea was processed at a co-op that specializes in Tieguanyins. Medium-oxidized oolongs were long the preferred style in China's domestic market before the more recent and widespread popularity of low-oxidized, greener-side oolongs.

Tasting Notes. The leaves unfurl slowly to release a lush, yellow-gold liquor with a touch of spice and some fruit in the finish. The first steep is known for its aroma; subsequent steeps release flavor. Like all Tieguanyins, this lot will steep multiple times. It is also a great tea to drink with friends using the "gung fu" brewing method - plenty of leaf, short & rapid steeps, keep pouring. 

Brewing Suggestions. Use boiling water, a tablespoon of leaf. Rinse the leaves briefly, pour the water off to "awaken" the leaves. Then re-infuse and steep for 2-2.5 minutes. Taste and steep longer if a stronger flavor is your preference. Drain the water off the leaves between infusions and they should provide 4-5 steeps!

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