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A world of tea in a box !

Imagine a curated selection of teas offering delicious flavors, distinct styles and far ranging places of origin. A veritable world view of tea in a box!

Imagine sweet pearls of green tea infused with fragrant jasmine flowers. A vibrant, ever-so-rich Matcha grown in Japan. Fresh, full flower organic Chamomile flowers harvested in spring.

A vibrant, healthy organic Matcha crafted in Japan. An unapologetically spicy Chai from India.  Or, perhaps a tea enjoyed by traders along the Silk Road!

A world of teas in a box to be enjoyed by the experienced drinker as well as to the soon-to-be tea lover of tea!

Our gift box includes: Chai, Chamomile Flowers, Dragon Well, Jasmine Pearls, Matcha, Monkey Picked Tieguanyin, Small Leaf Pu-erh and Yunnan Black.

Teas ship in our Silk Road Teas wooden gift box!

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