Little Melon Seed (Lu An Gua Pian)

Undeniably sweet and "round" flavors.

One of China's "famous teas", recognized as exceptional in quality by emperors in centuries past, Little Melon Seed, "Lu An Guapian", is an exceptional yellow tea. It is unusual for its leaf coloration as it shows deep green almost blue colors. The leaves evidence the richness of the varietal and the farm's nurturing soils. This is a yellow tea with a good deal of cup strength.

Lot Notes
Little Melon Seed is so named as its opened leaf is shaped like a small melon seed. One will also note the fine serration along the leaf’s edge. It is abundantly rich in cup color and its flavor is convincing for anyone who enjoys naturally sweet China varietals. Cup has body, flavor and rich aromas. Lot # 8.

Tea Facts
It was grown in the Huang Shan Mountains (The Yellow Mountains) of Anhui Province and was harvested in April 2018. The area is steeply sloped and replete with fresh water springs and bamboo forests. Being a yellow tea means it receives an extra step or "steam" in processing before the leaves are fired. The result is a tea that cups to a clear, light-yellow with hint of green cup color. 

Tasting Notes
Taste is full bodied. For tea lovers who like a strong flavor this is a tea to consider. It offers a bit of a "bite" exemplifying the strength of the varietal. Yet it is undeniably sweet and "round" in the mouth, with a finish that makes for an exquisite cup of tea. A "famous tea" it is well worth the taste experience.

Brewing Suggestions
Use one teaspoon or 3 grams for 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature of 195-205 degrees F. Steep the leaves for two minutes and taste. This tea can be strong, so experiment to find where it meets your taste preference. It will steep multiple times.

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  • 4
    Beautiful afternoon tea.

    Posted by Dave J on 16th Mar 2015

    Overall, as wonderful tea (as the description states).

    At a low temperature steep, after a wash, the first pot was still a little dry for my taste. The second pot was a sweet mellow tea and well worth the price.