Long Life Green Gift Set

Fresh, vibrant and full of antioxidants and amino acids, our 3 greens are plucked in the early spring when flavors are pronounced and the leaves vital.  These famous green teas are a great gift for the health conscious as well as the discerning tea connoisseur. We selected our most popular greens, teas showcasing the range and depth of flavors specialty cultivars offer.  Gift is presented in our Silk Road Teas' gift box including 3 green teas, an elegant glass teapot, two porcelain cups and brewing instructions.  A handwritten personal note will be included at your request.

Gift includes 2 ounces of each of the following:

Heavenly Blue Peak: A wonderfully aromatic and flavorful tea, our high-grade "Qing Ding" lot offers the tea lover an opportunity to enjoy one of China's "famous teas".  Its leaves are delicate and a very rich, fresh-green color.  Grown at higher elevations, the taste is nuanced, offering some hints of nuttiness but primarily naturally sweet notes that will linger with plenty of mouth feel.

Jasmine Pearls: A delight to watch unfold, these hand-rolled pearls open to release a sweet and delicate green tea redolent with the fresh scent of jasmine flower petals. The taste is very natural, smooth and clean. A refreshing and soothing tea, Jasmine Pearls is great with food as well.

Buddhist Tea: Robust, nuanced in flavor, named for the Buddhist monks that once drank this tea to improve focus and endurance during meditation, this green is offers a distinctive vegetal, grassy flavor, with a light note of early-spring asparagus; soft and sweet on the palate with a lingering finish.

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Shòuzhǎng lǜ lǐpǐn tàozhuāng 寿长礼品套装
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