Matcha - Powdered Green Tea

Sweet, smooth, rich flavor
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Mǒchá lǜchá 抹茶绿茶
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Loose leaf

A bright and fresh shade of green, our Matcha is made with a minimally-processed, fluffy-leafed Tencha. Once harvested and dried, the leaf it is stone-ground into a fine powder. For 3-5 weeks prior to harvesting, the Tencha bush is shaded using a traditional frame and thatch technique which serves to block approximately 70-80% of the sun's energy. This shading inhibits the photosynthetic process natural to the plant thereby boosting its levels of chlorophyll and its deep green color. This adaptation to the effects of shading results in boosted levels of natural sugars, amino acids, caffeine and small amounts of vitamins A & C and calcium.

Why we selected this particular lot. We look for a Matcha that offers a vibrant color and a smooth, sweet taste. Our lot is 100% Yabukita cultivar produced on family farms located in Shizuoka, Japan. In searching for a new Matcha offering, we tasted numerous ceremonial as well culinary grade teas. We think this lot is an excellent choice for its taste characteristics, price and the fact it does so well both unblended and blended as a beverage.

Interesting facts about our selection. Our Matcha is made with 100% of the Yabukita cultivar. The cultivar became very popular in Japan due to the high yield farmers realized and its wonderful umami flavor. The name "Yabukita" derives from the place where the tea originated - a bamboo bush (Yabu) and the northern region of Japan (Kita). Shading from sun eliminates qualities of astringency and imparts a strong vegetal sweetness.

Taste Profile. Aroma is berries and chocolate. The smooth flavor of Matcha is created by its high amino acid content. Sweet & smooth, the finish is lasting. We find it "swells" the mouth, enlivening the palate. It blends very well into smoothies, mixed drinks of all kinds as the base Tencha leaf is full bodied.

Brewing Suggestions. Use 2 grams of Matcha for 2.5 ounces of water. For service hot, use lower temperature water (140-160 F) and the tea will serve to a sweeter, smoother taste profile. Higher temperatures will bring out stronger green tea notes with some astringency. One and a half minutes is a possible steep time, taste and see if it fits your palate. For blended beverages, we advise you experiment and determine the strength and taste you enjoy. 

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