Moroccan Wild Mint

Our blend of fresh, organic peppermint, made with a varietal grown in the Pacific Northwest, is blended with an organic gunpowder green tea from Zhejiang Province, to create a cool, soothing and refreshing cup. This tea blend can be enjoyed both hot and over ice.

Lot Notes
This blend has proven very popular. After searching for a really tasty organic Peppermint, this varietal has the kinds of flavors that matches well with the more subtle notes of the Gunpowder and it hits the spot. Sharp in taste and clean in its finish, this is a refreshing tea and a must in the cupboard!

Tasting Notes
This cup is vibrant with taste and aroma. The mint enlivens and soothes and with the small amount of green tea mixed in, there is some stimulation as well. It will aid in digestion and goes well with spicy foods.

Brewing Suggestions
3 grams per 8 oz. water at 185-195 F for 2-2.5 minutes.

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Móluògē yěshēng bòhe 摩洛哥野生薄荷
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