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  • Menghai Raw Cake

    Menghai Raw Cake

    A 100-gram Sheng Pu-erh cake made by the Menghai Tea factory. Cups to sweet floral flavors. Lot Notes. As it is Menghai Tea produced, quality is consistent and predictable. Cake was pressed in 2019. Tea Facts. Leaves are grown in Six Famous Tea...
    Steeps to sweet, floral notes

  • Menghai Ripe Cake

    Menghai Ripe Cake

    An earthy, roasty small Shou or ripe cake made at the Menghai Tea factory in Yunnan Province. Cake is a compact 100 grams made of rich-brown leaves speckled with soft golden buds.  Lot Notes. Cake is classic Shou Pu-erh cake offering biscuity notes...
    Fragrant, sweet.

  • Organic

    Moroccan Mint

    Our blend of fresh, organic peppermint, made with a varietal grown in the Pacific Northwest, is blended with an organic Gunpowder green tea from Zhejiang Province, to create a cool, soothing and refreshing cup. This tea blend can be enjoyed hot and...
    Tea of daily life, refreshing
  • Song - "Song Zhong" - Phoenix Bird Collection

    Song - "Song Zhong" - Phoenix Bird Collection

    Song Zhong is a varietal first recognized and celebrated as a "Tribute Tea" in the Song Dynasty. One of four surviving Dan Cong varietals from the period, it is nectar-rich in flavor. The trees on the producing farm, located in Choan...
    Song Dynasty Tribute Tea, nectar-rich in flavor.
  • outofstock Out of Stock

    XD Ripe Leaf

    A ripe Pu-erh, leaves are thick, soft & a rich chocolate brown color. Flavor is clean, there is a peat-like quality in the taste. Locally this tea is known as Xiao Duan or simply "XD". Purchased in a tea shop in Kunming, we have no further word as to...
    Clean flavor, sweet peat-like quality