New Arrivals

For this year's harvest, we arrived in China on the 31st of March. The weather in southeastern China was warm and the forecast called for higher temperatures (27-29 degrees C) to prevail through the first week of April. The first morning in a tea market, we tasted the results of this warming trend as early-pick greens – Mao Feng varietals and first-pluck whites such as White Peony and Silver Needle – were found and procured.

The teas in our New Arrivals are all Pre-Qing Ming (literally meaning "clear and bright") pluck and are arguably some of the finer grades of China's teas. Certainly, they are vibrant, capturing the flavors and aromas of this year's spring harvest.

Celebrated for their delicious flavors and unparalleled quality, we offer you this glimpse into the vast and wonderful world of early-spring teas. While quantities are limited, we encourage you to taste these varieties of white, green and black and savor their flavors.