Peach Fragrance - Phoenix Bird Rare Oolong Collection

Handmade, wood-fired, almond and roasty notes.

Peach Fragrance –Tao Ren Xiang – is picked from a single tree on a farm near WuDong Mountain in the Fenghuang area of  Guangdong Province.  The Chao An area, where this tea was grown, is famous for its Dan Cong style Oolongs. These teas have for centuries been recognized and classed as “Tribute Teas” to be presented each season to the Emperor for his enjoyment. High mountain, grown on trees often many years in age, this varietal offers aromas and flavors that are earthy and roasty.

Lot Notes
This lot is handcrafted.  Made by Mr. Lin Ze, who teaches school and farms tea with his family, we have purchased teas from Lin Ze for over 16 years. Each year, we inquire for 2-3 special lots, small in quantity, each offers a traditional & natural flavor. We felt this tear's offering of Peach Fragrance once again exemplified his skill in crafting tea.

Tea Facts
The tea is harvested from trees grown at an elevation of approximately 1800+ meters. The farm is small, the leaves are harvested from trees ranging in age from 50 to 150 years. The trees send their roots deep into the soils to tap spring water for nourishment. The terrier is ideal for this tea with soils, water and climate combining to create a world-class tea.  Note the reddish-green appearance of the leaves. Tea was harvested and processed in April, 2018.

Tasting Notes
This tea has a brief note of tanginess, then moves to a naturally sweet, honey/peachy-like liquor offering hints of almond as a result of the wood-charcoal firing process. A rare Dong Cong style oolong that will intoxicate!  One will note and enjoy the lingering sweet finish.   

Brewing Suggestions
It will steep multiple times as the leaves open slowly. For 8-12 ounces of water, use 3-4 grams of leaf (a round tablespoon). Use boiling water and rinse the leaves briefly to awaken them. Then steep the leaves briefly, about 1 - 1.5 minutes and taste. The first steep will be for aroma, in the second steep the leaves will begin to open and release their wonderful flavors. Steep the leaves 5-7 times.

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Item Number:
Dan Cong Oolong
Táo xiāngwèi-fènghuáng niǎo hǎnjiàn wū lóng cǎijí 桃香味-凤凰鸟罕见乌龙采集
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