Peach Fragrance - Tao Ren Xiang - Rare Oolong Collection

Pungent, complex, rich - peaches & almonds

Peach Fragrance –Tao Ren Xiang – is made from a single-farm tree grove. The cultivar's signature aromatics are preserved by its single-origin havest. Our teamaker. Mr. Lin Ze, has crafted to time-held traditions capturing Peach Fragrance's essence and moment of spring. For centuries, small farms have crafted Dan Congs in the spirit of “Tribute Teas”. Peach Fragrance offers aromatics and flavors that would please the Emperor. 

Lot Notes
This lot is handcrafted.  Made by Mr. Lin Ze, who teaches school and farms tea with his family. We have purchased Mr. Lin Ze's teas for over 16 years. Each year, we inquire for 2-3 special lots, small in quantity, offering traditional, natural flavors. We felt this tear's offering of Peach Fragrance once again exemplified his skill in crafting a Dan Cong. Tea was harvested in April 2020.

Tea Facts
The tea was grown on WuDong Shan, Chao Zhou County, Guangdong. Harvested from trees grown at a elevation of approximately 1200 meters. Tea was fired in 3 sessions using wood charcoal. Aged trees send roots deep into rich subterranean soils & spings to nourish growth; while a variable mountain climate slows growth, developing a denser & pungent leaf. 

Tasting Notes
Initial flavor is clean, opening to notes of peach and almonds. 2nd steep, aroma is flowery, flavor piquant. As the tea steeps there is a very mild, intentional tension between flavor and pungency. Finish is divine!

Brewing Suggestions
It will steep multiple times as the leaves are dense & open slowly. For 8 ounces of water, use 3-4 grams of leaf (a tablespoon). Use boiling water and rinse the leaves briefly to awaken. Then steep the leaves briefly, about 1.5 minutes and taste. The first steep is known for aroma; in the second steep, leaves awaken to wonderful flavors. Steep the leaves 5-7 times.

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Táo xiāngwèi-fènghuáng niǎo hǎnjiàn wū lóng cǎijí 桃香味-凤凰鸟罕见乌龙采集
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf
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  • 5
    Peach Fragrance is a very very nice tea

    Posted by Dinara Tashniyazova on 25th Mar 2021

    This tea is really delicious. It took me some time to figure out how to brew it perfectly and I found that 185 temperature for 5 to eventually 20 seconds is best for me. Sometimes I find myself thinking about this tea when I'm not drinking it. It's just a very beautiful tea once you figure out how to best approach it.

  • 5
    Excellent Tea

    Posted by TeaFan on 16th Dec 2020

    It's excellent tea. I prefer stronger oolong, yet delicately flavorful, and this fit the bill. Which was high, regrettably - Silk Road teas are expensive. But it's good to know they are organic and reliably sourced - important, when you drink as much tea as I do: daily, and many cups! Enjoy it.

  • 5

    Posted by Paul Kaye on 29th Oct 2020

    This was an outstandingly delicious tea. My first Dan Cong. I immediately ordered more Dan Congs from Silk Road. It was a different tea experience and you will swear the tea has been scented. But of course it is all natural. It absolutely delighted and surprised my guests who I served it (outside with distancing) as a treat. And the bonus is that it lasts multiple steepings and retains its flavor and aroma on each one. I don't give reviews but had to jump in on this one. Yes, it is expensive but it is a special treat.