Pu-erh Tea Gift

Treat yourself or a friend to a sampling of 3 styles of Pu-erh teas. Elegantly packaged in clear top re-usable tins and our gift box, makes it a perfect gift for both the novice and experienced tea drinker.

Included in the set:

Camel's Breath - a 5-gram, nugget-shaped Tuo Cha that we have lovingly named "Camel's Breath" in recognition of its wonderful flavors and strength.   A ripe Pu-erh, it will slowly open to release its earthy flavors.  Perfect for the traveler!

Small Leaf Pu-erh - a ripe or dark, organic, loose leaf Pu-erh offering flavors of mushroom and perhaps a forest floor following a light rain.  A wonderful breakfast tea, an excellent refresher and so good with food.   

Black River Mountain - a ripe, EU Standard Pu-erh, a rich brown color made with a rough and tumble assortment of leaves and stems. Steeps to heady notes of earthiness and some would say hints of barnyard.  Aroma is rich, flavor is robust and full.

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Pǔ’ěrchá lǐwù 普洱茶礼物
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