Pu-erh Tea Sample Collection

Explore the flavors of Pu-erh
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Pǔ’ěrchá yàngběn shōují 普洱茶样本收集

These are teas that have traveled with merchants, nomads and lover's of tea for centuries. Pu-erh, varietal Camellia assamica, is processed to a myriad of shapes and styles. Our sampler offers two Shou or "ripe" teas and a Sheng or "raw" style. Sampler provides a range of Pu-erh flavors from sweet and earthy to malty and floral. Our sampler includes:

  • Small Leaf Pu-erh (Xi Ye Pu-erh) - grown organically in the Cangyuan area of Yunnan Province, is a ripe style Pu-erh offering earthy aromas and sweet, full-bodied flavors. (2 oz.)
  • Black River Mountain (Hei He Shan) - ripe Pu-erh, offers a mix of thick, rich chocolate color leaves that steep to a clean mushroom taste. (2 oz.)
  • Mao Cha (Mao Cha) - a Sheng or raw style grown in the mounatins near the village of Danjian, Yunnan Province. Opens to lightly sweet, biscuity aromas, taste is herbaceous with a clean, soft finish. (2 oz.)