Rare, hand-crafted, "Phoenix Bird oolong" - Sampler

Flavors of citrus, toasted almonds, honeysuckle nectar & mint.

Sample delicious, rare, artisan-crafted Dan Cong style oolongs. Long favored as "tribute teas" by emperors, these 3 teas were grown on small farms in the Yellow Mountains, of the Fenghuang area, Guangdong Province, and harvested in 2002. Plucked and crafted from select local cultivars, these lots offer a range of aromas and flavors that will provide a unusual opportunity to taste this style of worldclass Chinese oolongs. Each is made to a different firing process and you will experience in the  range of flavors - from aromatic and ambrosial to a higher fire, more "almond" or toasty flavor. Each lot infuses to a rich cup of oolong tea, crafted in grades (note the very large leaf sizes)not often found in the marketplace. Our sampler includes:

  • One Bush "Wu Dong Dan Cong".  Made with the famous "Chao An" varietal.  Single-origin, handmade, this lot is distinguished by the farmer's high-fire process which yields a roasted, almond-like taste and a sweet lingering finish. 1 oz.
  • Gardenia Fragrance "Huang Zhi Xiang".  Sweet aroma, floral, full-bodied flavor with a tangy note underneath. Finish blends the two notes reflecting its complexity. Wonderful flavors will linger long after tasting.  1 oz.
  • Yellow Fragrance "Huang Xiang".  An aged lot, unusually large leaf with yellow edging, harvested from old trees. Medium fire, main note is sweet nectar that will cover & delight the palate.  The finish will linger. 1 oz. 


We have additional lots of rare Phoenix Bird Oolongs that we offer as our "Private Reserve" oolongs that are not listed herein. Please refer to our oolong page for a complete listing. Please note, in the event any of the lots listed herein our sampler sell out, we will replace that lot with a comparable handmade Phoenix Bird Oolong. Or call us at 415 458 8624 to inquire as to other available rare Phoenix Bird lots.

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Dan Cong oolong
Shǒugōng zhìzuò de – “fènghuáng wū lóng” - yàngpǐn 手工制作的 – “凤凰乌龙” - 样品
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  • 5

    Posted by Evan Raksin on 11th Dec 2016

    I am greatly enjoying all three teas. The gardenia fragrance phoenix definitely has the most depth of flavor. By far my favorite. The lone bush and yellow fragrance are more subtle but also very tasty. Thanks!

  • 3
    "rare--unlike the "phoenix" doesn't fly

    Posted by brdman on 13th Mar 2016

    i was disappointed with all three of the sampler's offerings--very ordinary tastes tried longer soaks with little improvement