Silver Crane - Silver Needle White Pu-erh Cake

Sun-dried buds, honey sweet flavors.

Cake is made from the first flush of White Pekoe (Camellia Taliensis) of the 2017 Spring harvest. Tea is harvested and sun-dried creating a honey-sweet flavor that is aging well. Origin is Yunnan Province. 

Cake Notes. Cake was made from a white pekoe, more commonly known as Silver Needle. The varietal is Camellia Taliensis considered a hybrid of Camellia assamica. Note the very large size of the buds. Cake press is light, the buds come apart easily. Cake was processed in Spring 2017 and is 100 grams.

Tea Facts. Tea was grown in the Yang Ta village in Jing Gu county. Using the Camellia Taliensis varietal, the leaves look very similar to a Silver Needle. Instead of processing to white tea, the leaves are sun-dried and pressed. Made with a hybrid of the more commonly known Pu-erh varietal assamica.

Tasting Notes. Extra large buds yield a sweet taste. We find notes of honey and hay. Steeped for 2 minutes this tea is sweet and clean. Cup liquor is a clear, bright golden color.

Brewing suggestions. Use 4-5 grams per 7-8 ounces of water. Bring the water to boiling and rinse the buds briefly. Pour off and re-infuse for 2 minutes and taste. Longer steep times will yield more flavor, no astringency.  Buds will yield multiple steeps.

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