Silver Needle - Yinzhen

Enjoy flavors of fresh apricots and honey.

Yin Zhen is a variety of remarkable and ethereal Chinese teas made with an exacting skill in plucking, handling, and processing. A delicacy, it is made using a fine pluck standard in which only buds are harvested.

Lot Notes. We think this lot captures the essence of the spring harvest. Yin Zhen is a tea that should be regularly tasted by lovers of tea. This lot is made from Varietal #6, a notable cultivar developed in the Fu'An area over the years.  Our lot is the first pluck of the season as the farm is located at an elevation of approximately 800 meters. Processing of the buds was by warm-air withering and careful drying. Lot #FA 1.

Tea Facts. By tradition, YinZhen or Silver Needle, is made only of tender spring buds. The cultivar for this year’s tea is locally known as Varietal #6, developed over the years from the famous Fuding Da Bai cultivar. The buds are slender, a light green color and covered with tender, downy hair giving it a velvety appearance. It takes a skilled "pluck" to harvest these buds and thousands are needed to create a single kilogram of tea. The result is in the cup - there is simply no comparable tea. Harvest date: Pre-Qing Ming, April 2021

Tasting Notes. The cup color is pale light-yellow green. The liquor is fresh & delicately sweet tasting. Enjoy savory flavors of fresh apricots and honey as they coat the tongue. Offers a long, gentle grassy finish. 

Brewing Suggestions. Use a well-rounded tablespoon or 3-5 grams of leaf for 8 ounces of water at a temperature of 165-185 degrees F.  A lower temperature will preserve this tea's softer notes and preserve the flavors of the leaves. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. This tea can be steeped quite a bit longer to strengthen taste and it will remain sweet. Leaves offer multiple steeps.

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Yín zhēn 银针
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Loose Leaf
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  • 5
    A treat!

    Posted by Trayce on 17th Jul 2019

    Yay! This felt like a gamble and I’m so glad I took a chance on this. Smooth, sweet, and delicious - a joy to drink. Brews to a very light color, then darkens quickly. Resteeps well.

  • 5
    A Soothing & Flavorful Cup

    Posted by Hunter Kimble on 16th May 2019

    I just brewed my first pot of these remarkably fragrant Silver Needles and could not be more pleased! The description given by the SRT proprietors is 100% on-point, although many other scents/flavors beyond apricot and honey come through while sipping. Don't be fooled by the very light/pale color of the liquor - these leaves yield much flavor, many layers and dimensions of taste, and multiple steeps. A great find, well-worth the price!