Small Leaf Pu-erh - Xi Ye Pu-erh

Brews to a strong cup, think expresso with some nutty notes.

Our Small Leaf is grown and made in the Cangyuan area, of Yunnan Province. The factory originated in 1948 and has been producing Pu-erhs, green and black teas for the domestic China market since.  

Lot Notes
Note the uniformity of the cut of the leaves and their rich, brown appearance. There is a very pleasant mushroom-like aroma as well. These attributes indicate the care in the handling of the leaves and skill in the processing of the lot. The fact it is organically grown added to our interest in the tea.
Tea Facts
An organically grown, Shu or "ripe" Pu-erh, the leaf that opens to a rich, clean, earthy aroma. The leaves are tan-brown in color resulting from the fermentation process. This is an excellent choice as an everyday Pu-erh. It can be brewed quite strong to a cup color resembling espresso, yet it will never get bitter, just stronger. This tea does very well as a breakfast tea and certainly a complement to any dessert! Produced in 2019.

Tasting Notes
If you enjoy a strong cup of Pu-erh, this tea will brew strong and offer plenty of body with a clean, refined taste.This cooked Pu-erh has body. You will note some nuttiness and a soft, naturally sweet note. It is not a "deep" or earthy tasting Pu-erh but is more refined, offering a rounder body and smooth mouth feel. The aftertaste is clean and sweet.
Brewing Suggestions
For 8 ounces of water, use 5 grams or 2 tablespoons of leaf.  Use boiling water, rinse the leaves briefly to awaken them, pour off and re-infuse. We recommend a steeping time of 3-4 minutes. Alternatively, if time allows, briefly rinse the leaves twice thoroughly awakening the leaves and enhancing the flavors of your first sip. Or, rinse briefly, pour off and wait a few minutes and let the leaves "steam" as this will also enhance its initial flavors and aromas. This tea should steep 3-4 times. 

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Xiǎo yè pǔ’ěr 小叶普洱
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Loose Leaf
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  • 5
    Small Leaf but Big Taste

    Posted by Luann Taylor on 18th Dec 2020

    I am no tea expert, but I know what I like. I've been drinking pu'erh for a year now, and this is one of my favorites. The depth of flavor and complexity is a wonderful way to start the day.

  • 3
    Small Leaf Pu'Erh XI PU-ERH

    Posted by Kay on 23rd Sep 2020

    I was looking for a tea to replace one I had purchase from Silk Road many years ago. This was suggested, and while I could detect the flavor of black tea, the earthiness of Pu'erh style was more prominent and that is an acquired taste for me. I DID appreciate the owners willingness to offer suggestions and for that the customer service was excellent.

  • 5
    Small Leaf Pu-erh

    Posted by Charles Shackett on 29th May 2020

    A delicious tea!

  • 5

    Posted by Diana Wasserman on 10th Jan 2019

    Superb quality pu-erh tea with a dark steeped rich flavor, smooth on the palate. I had a different Pu-erh with a friend that was dusky, dirty flavor and was thankful you have this savory tea. I feel exhilaterated or should I say more energized drinking Pu-erh.

  • 5
    Clean Rich Taste

    Posted by ARTURO ALVAREZ on 2nd Oct 2018

    This is my favorite puerh. I have ordered it multiple times now, i enjoy it as a regular tea. There is a clean rich taste to it that poor quality puerhs lack.

  • 5
    Good flavor, will brew several tasty cups of tea with one teaspoon

    Posted by Neil Siegel on 2nd Aug 2018

    I tried some small leaf as an experiment. I already liked regular Pureh, and this became a daily affordable treat.

  • 5
    Quality and economic too

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Oct 2017

    Excellent everyday drinking pu-erh, deep, rich, and never over-steeps, it's bound to be an easy favorite.

  • 5
    best daily tea

    Posted by Lynn on 18th Sep 2017

    The headline says it all. Also, can be steeped a few times.

  • 5
    Sweet Earth

    Posted by ARTURO ALVAREZ on 12th Aug 2017

    My first purchase of this tea took place almost a year ago. I bought 4oz of this, and I drank it on special occasions. When i was down to my last oz, I was pleasantly surprised that this tea was still in stock. Now I have 1lb of this delightful tea. This puehr is one of my favorites. It has a rich flavor profile with sweet notes that is not commonly found in most sho peurhs. Thank you Silk Road for having such wonderful and high quality teas.