Snow Dragon - Xue Long

Wok fired, soft sweet notes.
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Xuě lóng 雪龙
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Loose leaf

"Xue Long" is handmade. A comparatively rare tea enjoyed in Fujian Province, this green is silky, soft in flavor. The leaves are large and have a distinct light yellow-green coloration. Classed as a green tea, it is made using the famous Da Bai white cultivar of Fuding County, in northern Fujian Province. The "snow" portion of its name is drawn from the fine hairs that cover the leaves and appear white. Lot is Pre-Qing Ming, harvested April 2021.

Lot Notes. It is single origin and grown on a small farm. Similar to a number of specialty teas from China, Snow Dragon has a short harvest window. Once the leaves gain the sought-after size, they are plucked, withered & shaped, then wok-fired at a relatively low temperature. It is a sophisticated tea in that its taste is subtle yet once one comes to know its flavors, it is quite fulfilling. Lot # 1.

Tea Facts. The leaves are pan-fired stopping their enzymatic oxidation thus categorizing the tea as green. Harvested early in the spring, the very best lots are plucked by mid-March into early April. Worked by hand in a wok, the tea maker creates thin, flat leaves with faint markings of white or golden color. This tea is not widely sold outside China but we believe it well represents the diversity of green tea offerings from the southeastern area of the country.

Tasting Notes. Snow Dragon cups to a clear, light green-yellow color. Taste is light & clean, softly sweet reflecting its high mountain origination. This tea has a light vegetative flavor that will linger. The clean hint of "puckering" at the finish is characteristic.   

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3 grams (one tablespoon) per 6-8 ounces of water with water at 185-195 degrees F. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. If more flavor is desired, go longer with the steep.

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