Song Zhong - Phoenix Bird Rare Oolong Collection

Song Dynasty Tribute Tea, nectar-rich in flavor.

Song Zhong is a varietal first recognized and celebrated as a "Tribute Tea" in the Song Dynasty. One of four surviving Dan Cong varietals from the period, it is nectar-rich in flavor. The trees on the producing farm, located in Choan County, are comparatively young at about 50 years. The wonderful flavors of this tea underscore the deft touch of the tea maker. This tea has won awards both in China and the U.S. for its exceptional aroma and flavors.

Lot Notes
This variety of Dan Cong is a consistent Silk Road' customer favorite. One will immediately note its "fragrance". In cupping the tea, as the leaves open they yield a full flavor that is honey-rich and lingers. This lot Song Zhong also rounds out our offering of the 4 surviving varieties of Dan Cong's recognized as Famous Teas since the Song Dynasty.

Lot Facts
This varietal is a hybrid of the genus Narcissus or Sui Xian Dan Cong, one of the earliest cultivars planted in the Phoenix Mountains. This lot was grown at an elevation of approximately 1300 meters. Average age of the harvesting trees is roughly 50 years. The first steep will yield this lot's wonderful aromas. The second steep will bring forth its honey-sweet flavors. It was harvested in mid-April 2018.

Tasting Notes
Aroma is often considered "sweet potato". It offers a natural "honey flavor. The deep processing of the leaves creates a complex tea, multilayered yet with well defined tastes.

Brewing Suggestions
We recommend using 3-4 grams or a rounded tablespoon of leaves per 8-12 ounces of water at boiling temperature. As the leaves have been deep processed or high fired, rinse the leaves briefly and pour the water off. Re-infuse and steep for 1.5 to 2 minutes and serve. This tea will yield multiple steeps. 

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