Spring Blossom

Fresh green flavors, nutty & vegetal, hints of chestnut.

As the weather warms in southeastern China along the coast, some of the first teas to reach the market are varietals commonly referred to as Mao Feng. These early greens come in a wide variety of styles – leaves colored light to dark green, long and short in length, curled and wiry, with white and silver buds and a range of aromas and flavors. This varietal, over time, depending where and how it is grown – north, south, east or west slope of the mountain – has over its many years of cultivation - developed a range of leaf appearances and flavors. One of our favorites for aroma and taste is Spring Blossom (locally referred to as Spring Blossom Pekoe). A visual treat of wiry light-green, curled leaves splashed with white buds. Eye-catching, its aroma compels one to take a taste. Softly vegetal, Spring Blossom is an excellent value tea, drinkable most any time.  Harvest date - early April 2021.  Lot # 1.

Lot Notes
Spring Blossom has a very distinct “toasty” aroma note that we look for. This lot offered a consistent & larger leaf size with a high portion of white buds. The appearance is a very pleasing green, very fresh looking. The telling factor was the lightly “toasty” note in this tea. This deft processing tempered some of the stronger vegetal tendencies of many of the teas in the Mao Feng class. This lot offers a very pleasing sweet & clear liquor.

Tea Facts
Grown at an elevation of about 700 meters, small farm, this tea was harvested in the first week of April - a "before the rain" lot. Spring Blossom is a Mao Feng varietal, in this instance, it does not refer to the quality of the leaf. It is basket fired at higher temperatures with the result of a bit more toasty flavor and a clear liquor. Tea was grown near Fuzhou in Fujian Province.

Tasting Notes
Offers very pleasing toasted, nutty and vegetal notes to the palate, with hints of chestnut. The higher fire processing pushes this tea to a clean, toasted flavor with a sweet finish. Being a green tea, it has very light vegetal notes with little or no astringency. This tea goes very well with food.

Brewing Suggestions
Use 3 grams or a rounded tablespoon of leaf for 8 ounces. Water temperature is best between 185-195 degrees F. Steep for 2-2.5 minutes to yield a flavorful cup with its full range of spring notes. This tea can be steeped for a longer period if more body is desired. Will offer multiple steeps.

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Chūn huā 春花
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Loose leaf
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    Bit of smoke, grassy, floral

    Posted by Neil Miller on 15th Feb 2018

    I am really enjoying this tea, which is new to me. A world away from Japanese green teas, Spring Blossom has a smokiness on the nose and in the mouth with a nicely balanced grass/floral bouquet and taste. Brews gong fu style (4ish grams in a 70 ml gaiwan), to a clear golden soup with a drying astringency on the back of the tongue. Nice cha qi for unwinding at the end of the day.