Spring Cake

Hint of plum and sweet notes of peach.

The tea forests of Xishuangbanna experienced frost this past winter for the first time in decades. As a result, the trees have yielded teas with stronger yet less astringent flavors. Our 2016 spring harvest raw (Sheng) Pu-erh cake, 100 grams, was wild-pick harvested from arbor trees at an elevation of 1800 meters. This type of environment is ideal for developing body and taste characteristics prized in Pu-erhs. Harvested in spring 2016.

Why we selected this particular lot: This is an exceptional, single-origin, spring harvest, raw or Sheng Pu-erh. It is harvested and processed by a family expert in the making of Pu-erh. Hand processed and stone pressed into a cake, this tea has all the characteristics of a classic Pu-erh with a very high potential to age very well and provide a great cup well into the future. The leaf is single origin, not blended with other farms. Steeping the tea, we have drawn 10 steeps with flavor clearly remaining in the leaf.

Interesting facts about our selection: Single-origin Sheng Pu-erh, single-season harvest from Xishuangbanna area, Yunnan Province. Harvested, withered processed and pressed by hand. Cake was stone pressed - traditional method - versus machine pressed. Stone press arguably allows greater "breathing" and aging within the cake. Leaves were harvested from wild arbor trees 200 + years old. Harvested early in spring of 2016, leaves are vibrant and full of energy. It is a great tea value given the number of steeps it yields!

Taste profile: Grown organically, the leaves developed taste characteristics that steep to rich flavors of plum and grow into sweet notes of peach.  Astringency is quite low for a newly pressed cake. Handled with care, these leaves will age well and bring forth new flavors and certainly added depth in taste.

Brewing suggestions: We recommend plenty of leaf, boiling hot water; a quick rinse of the leaves to awaken them, followed by brief steeps (30 seconds) to enjoy this tea's clean, sweet notes.  Taste and experiment, it may take less steep time to enjoy this tea's sweetness; or, you may like it stronger, more full-bodied, then steep longer. These leaves can steep many times!

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