Spring Green - Chūn lǜ

Aroma is buttery, sweet grassy notes
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Loose leaf

Spring Green is one of the first teas of spring to come out of the mountains. It is a Mao Feng cultivar made to a large leaf size, offering deep green colors, and a high white bud content. Lot offers an taste of the early flavors of the spring harvest and is an excellent everyday green tea! Our lot is Pre-Qing Ming pick, harvest date is April 2021. Lot #SG-1.

Lot Notes. This lot captures the richness and creativity of a local farm. It offers a fresh, sweetly vegetal green tea flavor. Lot reflects the preference for appearance and taste of the Fuzhou area.  

Tea Facts. Lot is Pre-Qing Ming. This tea was grown in the coastal mountains near Fuzhou. Mao Feng is cultivated in numerous styles; this one tends to green side.

Tasting Notes. Long leaves open to robust spring flavors with plenty of cup aroma. Leaf aroma is rich & buttery. Vegetally sweet with soft, sweet notes, somewhat grassy. Vegetal yet clean. Good choice for an everyday green tea!

Brewing Suggestions. 3 grams (rounded teaspoon) per 8 ounces of water at temperature of 195 degrees F should be optimum. Hotter water brings its flavors up quicker. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. It can be steeped longer; any astringency should be slow to rise.