Spring Green

Robust spring flavors with plenty of cup aroma.

Spring Green is a new green tea varietal for Silk Road Teas. It is a Mao Feng varietal made to a local style - medium leaf size, rich green coloration, smattering of white buds. The telling difference is in the taste. It is clean and freshly vegetal, thus the name. It was grown in Fujian Province. Typically, we find this style of tea early in the spring, just as the weather warms and shifts from rain to sunny, warmer days. Each successive pick by day will show new and varying flavors and coloration. Harvest date April 2018. Lot # 8-2.

Lot Notes
This lot captures the richness and creativity of a local farm. Spring teas such as this are popular within China as an everyday, "go to" teas to enjoy during leisure, with friends and at the office. We selected this lot given its appearance and taste profile. It is delicious - excellent for everyday drinking pleasure.

Tea Facts
There are numerous varieties of this traditional green to be found in the southeastern region of China. Arguably this lot brings something special to the palate. The handling and processing of the leaves has been skillfully done preserving the wonderful early spring notes greens harvested "before the rains" can offer. This tea was grown in the coastal mountains near Fuzhou.

Tasting Notes
Long leaves open to robust spring flavors with plenty of cup aroma. Sweet, one will note hints of asparagus. Vegetal yet clean, it will invigorate! For the lover of green tea, this is an excellent everyday tea offering a depth of taste that will satisfy.

Brewing Suggestions
3 grams (a tablespoon) per 8-12 ounces of water at temperature of 185 to 195 degrees F should be optimum. A hotter water temperature will bring its flavors up quicker. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. The shorter the steep, the sweeter the flavor. It can be steeped longer, any astringency should be slow to rise. For 12-16 ounces of water, use about 5 grams. Leaves will provide multiple steeps.

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