Sun-Dried Wild Pu-erh Buds

Hints of pine needles, flavor is sweet and layered.

Beautiful white buds picked from wild Pu-erh trees have been sun-dried to create a flavor that is uncharacteristically fresh and some what fruity.  The varietal is a camellia tea tree that grows in the tropical area of Dehong in southwestern Yunnan Province.  For reference, this varietal has yielded the famous 2005 Xiaguan Wild Ancient tea cake.  The liquor is  almost white and clean; the aroma offers hints of pine needles and the flavor is sweet and layered.  This is an unusual and refreshing Pu-erh taste experience.  Harvested 2013.    

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    Like a Christmas Tree in a Cup

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Nov 2017

    Combines the smokiness of a pinewood fire with the aroma of Christmas tree needles. Make sure you use lots of leaf, relatively hot water (maybe 195F) and a long steeping time to fully capture the flavor.

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    a very inexpensive pleasure

    Posted by montana on 12th Oct 2016

    Light and fresh, somehow both delicate and smoky, with a balsam note. Not vegetal, but with a touch of body. Good for those who appreciate smokiness in moderation. I found it more fruity-floral than fruity (like citrus blossoms before they smell like candy--probably because of the pitchy brightness--or overripe fragrant fruit). Sweetness comes after a longer steep. Try drinking directly from a gaiwan to have the soaking buds right near the nose, or even chewing/sipping a bud early in the infusion. Unusual, honest, beautifully made.

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    Pleasant infusion ...

    Posted by Jerome LAURET on 5th Mar 2016

    I typically rarely have pu-erh teas as they are an acquired taste. But those buds (instead of the usual pu-erh cakes) sounded intriguing and I decided to give it a shot. No regrets - this leads to a very good infusion with (to me) a note of raisin or date and a hint of a smoky pine flavor. The taste is well balanced and refreshing and its complexity relaxing.

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    An unexpected delightful and delicate surprise of light fruit and sprouting fir forest.

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2014

    I figure it is about time to sit down and write some reviews of teas that I have been drinking from this site. Reviews seem to be something woefully lacking here at Silk Road Teas (and actually most tea shops. ??), and although I rely on an in-depth synopsis (which is sometimes rather absent too) and my own personal taste and exploration, I find that I do really utilize others reviews in my research and decision making in purchasing most anything. That said, what better tea to start with than the one steaming its fragrance here beside me? This, in my opinion is a little gem of a tea, and for a few reasons. First of course is for its surprisingly fresh and layered taste. Mind you, it IS very delicate and subtle. This one doesn't exactly jump out at you and demand anything of you, but if you truly take it in and be conscious of each sip you'll find a sweet dream-like sunny-dewed patch of early spring fir forest with wildflowers adding subtly to a distant citrus fruit scented breeze. Somewhat out of place, but making it all the more special. It's like if one could smell the baby saplings of an untouched fir forest in early morning like one smells the top of a new born babe's soft little head. Crazy? Probably Subjective? More than likely. The other great aspects of this tea are that it is a great mixer and a fantastic addition to any iced tea blend. And should I mention the price?? If you want to try a MOST amazing iced tea: Equal parts Sun-Dried Wild Pu-Erh Buds Plum Flower Fragrance Oolong Drunken Concubine Oolong. Yes, the other two selected teas are pricey compared to this one, but if you get the chance to try it, treat yourself! And trust me, having this much less expensive selection mixed with the other two high grades makes a definite flavor change that in no way detracts from the taste of the others and in all ways heightens the unique deliciousness. One last note. One should experiment with water temperature and steep times on this one to find where YOU like it best, but as an initial guide, I would suggest keeping the water temp in the Oolong range of things- 180-195F (I like it at 185-188F). You can do it like a white with many quick subtle steeps, or get 2 to 3 2-5 minute steeps. I do both, but usually the largest amount of flavor will come with a three minute steep. This tea is versatile and kind of fun to play around with. Is forgiving. I am deciding between a Ben Shan Lu Ni or an Old Duan Ni yixing teapot for this tea type I like it that much. And I believe that it will delightfully culture a yixing zisha. Thanks for reading this review and I hope that it may offer some kind of help. Enjoy tea! -Tom Timber