Tai Ping Black

"Wild", lush, naturally sweet.

Tea trees dot the hillside breaking the symmetry of the rows of tea bushes. Now 40-50 years old, these trees stand 20-30 feet in height. As they are not cultivated the harvested leaves are considered wild.

Lot Notes: This lot was grown on a farm on the eastern side of Tai Ping Lake in the Huang Shan Mountains. The pluck is Yu Qian, harvested April 9, 2019. The lot is graded as 1st grade. Leaves are deep brown, thin and elegant. Tea is high fired giving it a robust aroma and very clean liquor.

Tea Facts: The varietal is a Mao Feng. Note the leaves are thin and long as they are early picked. The elevation of the tea farm is approximately 800 meters.

Tasting Notes: The liquor in the cup is very aromatic. We found notes of sugar cane and molasses. Tea is lush and naturally sweet. Plenty of flavor on the palate; finish is smooth and long. One will note a long, pleasant aftertaste.

Brewing Suggestions: A round tablespoon or 3-4 grams for 8-12 ounces of water will yield a very tasty cup. Water temperature of 195-205 F will open the aromas and flavors of this black. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. For more body, add time. Leaves will provide multiple steeps.

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