Tea Farm Gift Set

Open the box and explore the world of tea!  Send your friends and loved ones on a tea tour with our selection of a rare, handmade white tea, one of the world's most famous greens and a black tea known for rich, malty flavors dating back 150 years.  This gift is a great way for new tea drinkers to experience mountain-grown specialty tea varietals.  The Tea Tour gift includes 3 teas nestled in our handsome Silk Road Teas gift box, one glass teapot, two porcelain tasting cups and brewing instructions.  A personal, handwritten note will be included at your request.

Gift box includes 2 ounces each of the following:

Golden Monkey: A round, full-bodied black tea, harvested early in the spring, with cocoa and malt tastes that are evident with the first steep. Our Golden Monkey is made in the traditional style - to the look of the fur of a Monkey.  The result is an excellent breakfast tea, that can take milk and sugar.

Silver Needle: It takes a skilled "pluck" to harvest these buds and thousands are needed to create a single kilogram of tea. The result is in the cup - there is simply no comparable tea. Enjoy savory flavors of fresh apricots and honey as they coat the tongue. The liquor is silky and smooth.

Dragon Well: Considered the "national drink" of China, this organic Dragon Well is crafted in the traditional manner by firing in a wok. This lot is an excellent choice as an everyday tea, always an invigorating beverage and it goes well with food. Taste is sweet and fresh, with soft, nutty and floral notes. 

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Chá nóngchǎng lǐpǐn tàozhuāng 茶农场礼品套装
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